Friday, September 19, 2008

American Made products~

**For a long while now, I have been searching for places that sell excellent quality, long lasting products for just about everything a person needs.
Is just about impossible to find goods "not" made in China any more and with the major issue of.. "Are they safe" have all seen the news and it does not invoke confidence.
*I personally have been doing my best to find places here in the USA,, where families, make quality goods.

In my search of locating both Measuring cups and spoons,, not made of Chinese plastics. I rather pay a little extra for "Safe" products, than take a chance with our health.
I ran across these folks.. so I ordered some items from them. Will post pictures and info on these items when they come in.

If you know of an American company/family making excellent quality everyday products made in the USA with USA materials, please let me know. I plan to make a Blog, so everyone else can find these products too.


American One said...

A great place to find American-made products is at (

Shari said...

I did check the site out but did not see in which State the products are made? Looked at the baskets,,and nothing was said where the basket had been made?
Know a lot of people that buy American,, want to know at least what state in the US what any said product comes from and a the more info the better. ;O)