Saturday, September 20, 2008

Inspection Crew

This is our official inspection team.
There are three members on its board, Sadie, Nari the older and more experienced workers and Mia... the one in training. Any time my DH wants to ride the Motorcycle to work, his safety gear is dually inspection by all three cats. Leg holes are crawled into to make sure everything is in place, Jacket is inspected to make sure the armour is where it should be.
They take a look in the helmet to see if the padding is still all there. Very important work to be sure.
Then in the last of the three Cats have a discussion about Safety with DH. This time it was Mia's turn. She did very well even though she was a bit shy about this part of the job.
DH told them, he will remember it is very important to stay safe and Thanks the Cats for their help.