Friday, September 26, 2008

The Rose garden

When we moved to this farm there were a few old and not so healthy rose bushes of painfully bright colors. Kid you not, so bright I could see them "without" my glasses from across the Farm! Not what I would normally buy but hey,, they came with the Farm, might as well nurse them back to health.
We have moved many of them, to the area where I decided to have a Rose Garden.
Last year I wanted to add some softer color Roses to help tone down the wild colored ones already here. I ordered them last spring and had them arrive the first week of Sept. That way I would not have to worry about watering them or the stress that could weaken them because of the hot summer days.
Those New Roses are above.
Some where bought for color or smell, most will make good cutting flowers for the house.
The new Rose garden area is a work in progress, bit rough around the edges but in time will be able to have it looking like I want it to.
Just posted the photos of the blooms of these flowers. Hopefully next spring things will look good enough, I will post a picture of the new Rose garden.