Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What's Up~

The giant pumpkins are still growing. You can see how big this one is... placed a playing card on top to give you an idea and see the bottom peaking from under the big leaf. I thought I bought Pie Pumpkin seeds but I am beginning to wonder if they miss marked the seed package... or the horse Manure makes mutant Veggies?
Is big enough the men of the house can't pick it up.
Roma tomatoes are finally starting to turn color.
Cosmos is doing well.
Weather has been really warm here, no rain for a very long time. If I remember correctly the News said we are 14" behind what we need to have.
DS has been hoping for some rain so he doesn't have to water so much.

Not much going on...other than DH came home with a very bad cold.... in which he gave to our DS. Who wasn't all that impressed.
We had planned to go to Octoberfest but with both Men of the House sick.. we stayed home.
Wasn't a bad thing.. DH managed to get a number of the Farm chores done.

I am working on a Christmas painting. Will be of Mia the kitten, with a red ribbon around her necks and gifts all about. You can see the WIP on my Art blog.