Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How cold can it get?

Photos are taken in the morning, you can just make out the horses past the round pen. I had to put blankets on everyone due to the freezing temps.
Beautiful morning,, you can see the moon at the upper right.

Snow on the hills.

We live in Oregon for goodness sakes! Its not supposed to get this cold for this long.
It all started last Friday, temp dropping fast from 37* to 22*. First snow was very wet and sticky, not a good thing for fencing, trees over fencing and on the hot wire. Took us two hours Sat morning to get the fencing and limbs near the fencing cleared off.

It warmed up a bit...just enough to make a thick layer of Ice. Then it snowed the next day but not as much the News said it would, which was fine with me. Luckily this time it was a fine powder, bad part.. it was now down to 11* and with the wind chill making it about 5*.
I am tremendously grateful of my Dad for putting in the ground fault plugs next to the horses pasture. Now have a heated water tank for them. Much easier on DS since he does not have to carry water buckets out to the horses 6 times a day.
Snow is expected tomorrow morning, basically through Monday . Temps are going to hover 15* during the day without the wind chill factor, which is expected to be around 0*...and it sure feels like it this morning. Right now we have 3" of powder on the ground with about 1" layer of Ice underneath, more expected tomorrow.
I had thought we left this kind of weather when we moved from New Hampshire?