Saturday, December 27, 2008

Over 2' of snow ~ The snow event Dec 08

This photo was taken before I got sick and the main part of the snow coming down.

We have not seen a snow like this, since we left New Hampshire. Impressive to say the least. No power off and on and the longest time without power was 2 solid days and nights, not good up in the hills with a want'a be Fireplace. But we had to make do to stay warm and keep the pipes from freezing.
Just glad I keep a supply of Bee's wax candles and Lamp oil. Because I will tell you.. stores on this side of the country don't keep them in supply. Silly I know, seems like folks never think events like this will happen and run around like ants on a hill trying to find supplies that just aren't for sale.
I had to order another supply of Lamp Oil from Lehmans, which is on the other side of the country. Like to stay stocked up on this kind of supplies because you never know when you will need it.
I am so glad we have the old Tractor, if we did not, we would of never made it out of the driveway. Being able to plow our drive so we can get out, is priceless!
Of course during the number of days of this Snow Event, I had the flu and couldn't go out and take photos but here are some taken from the house.

It is hard to tell the depth of the snow from the photos but you are looking at 2'+ of the inch or so ice under all of that.

Have not seen Icicles since we left NH,, some of these are 3' long and DH had to knock a few off.........after he walked into them coming out the back door. ;O)

Knock on wood, the old ugly shed is holding up, so far.

DH trying to get the gate open to feed the horses while DS and I were ill. Had to clean the snow from around the gate twice a day.

There are farm implements under all that snow...

A winter wonderland.... rather see it in pictures or drive up to it.

The far hay field and woods as seen from the inside of the house out the window. Fence is all'bout buried.

It finally started warming up today.. Icicles are all but gone but we still have a whole lot of snow. I do not mind a bit of snow but this is just too much!

I can't tell you how happy I will be when I can see green grass!