Friday, September 26, 2008

The Rose garden

When we moved to this farm there were a few old and not so healthy rose bushes of painfully bright colors. Kid you not, so bright I could see them "without" my glasses from across the Farm! Not what I would normally buy but hey,, they came with the Farm, might as well nurse them back to health.
We have moved many of them, to the area where I decided to have a Rose Garden.
Last year I wanted to add some softer color Roses to help tone down the wild colored ones already here. I ordered them last spring and had them arrive the first week of Sept. That way I would not have to worry about watering them or the stress that could weaken them because of the hot summer days.
Those New Roses are above.
Some where bought for color or smell, most will make good cutting flowers for the house.
The new Rose garden area is a work in progress, bit rough around the edges but in time will be able to have it looking like I want it to.
Just posted the photos of the blooms of these flowers. Hopefully next spring things will look good enough, I will post a picture of the new Rose garden.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

American Made Measuring cups and Spoons~

As promised, the photo of the "American Family made", Measuring cups, spoons, large mixing spoon and fork.
The first impression over all is ... that these are very high quality products. Made of Cherry wood, each piece is signed by the Artisan and dated. The wording is burned into the wood so there is no chance of the measuring amounts, being rubbed off over time. Leaving you to wonder what size you are using.

Will be using them to make bread tomorrow, so I will also let you know if they measure true or not but I have a feeling there'll be no issues in that department.

Here is their web site again, incase anyone is interested.

Monday, September 22, 2008

African Violets

Yesterday I finally had the time to re pot 3 of my African Violets. Have been buying small glazed pots to put them in but they are hard to come by.
You can see in the top photo two smaller non flowering ones... one to the right is "Rob's Combustible Pigeon" and the other is "Rob's Chilly Willy". Decided to buy them on their names alone, however they are very pretty plants in their own right.
The Bottom pink AV.. called the "Super Dooper".
I really do not have the room for any more but here is a good link to some wonderful African Violets if you should be interested.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Making sure DS gets it right

Its a never ending job for the Cats in this house. They are always there to help any way they can. This time, they are there to offer DS moral support and occasional help in spelling, when he was writing Thank you notes.
Just wish they reminded me to send my Niece and Nephew their Birthday I hang my head in shame.

Nari version of Book learning. ;O)

She is the one I did the portrait of, laying next to some of DS books.

Makes me wonder if she is reading them, when we are not looking? Hummm.. A closet reader perhaps?

Inspection Crew

This is our official inspection team.
There are three members on its board, Sadie, Nari the older and more experienced workers and Mia... the one in training. Any time my DH wants to ride the Motorcycle to work, his safety gear is dually inspection by all three cats. Leg holes are crawled into to make sure everything is in place, Jacket is inspected to make sure the armour is where it should be.
They take a look in the helmet to see if the padding is still all there. Very important work to be sure.
Then in the last of the three Cats have a discussion about Safety with DH. This time it was Mia's turn. She did very well even though she was a bit shy about this part of the job.
DH told them, he will remember it is very important to stay safe and Thanks the Cats for their help.

Friday, September 19, 2008

American Made products~

**For a long while now, I have been searching for places that sell excellent quality, long lasting products for just about everything a person needs.
Is just about impossible to find goods "not" made in China any more and with the major issue of.. "Are they safe" have all seen the news and it does not invoke confidence.
*I personally have been doing my best to find places here in the USA,, where families, make quality goods.

In my search of locating both Measuring cups and spoons,, not made of Chinese plastics. I rather pay a little extra for "Safe" products, than take a chance with our health.
I ran across these folks.. so I ordered some items from them. Will post pictures and info on these items when they come in.

If you know of an American company/family making excellent quality everyday products made in the USA with USA materials, please let me know. I plan to make a Blog, so everyone else can find these products too.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What's Up~

The giant pumpkins are still growing. You can see how big this one is... placed a playing card on top to give you an idea and see the bottom peaking from under the big leaf. I thought I bought Pie Pumpkin seeds but I am beginning to wonder if they miss marked the seed package... or the horse Manure makes mutant Veggies?
Is big enough the men of the house can't pick it up.
Roma tomatoes are finally starting to turn color.
Cosmos is doing well.
Weather has been really warm here, no rain for a very long time. If I remember correctly the News said we are 14" behind what we need to have.
DS has been hoping for some rain so he doesn't have to water so much.

Not much going on...other than DH came home with a very bad cold.... in which he gave to our DS. Who wasn't all that impressed.
We had planned to go to Octoberfest but with both Men of the House sick.. we stayed home.
Wasn't a bad thing.. DH managed to get a number of the Farm chores done.

I am working on a Christmas painting. Will be of Mia the kitten, with a red ribbon around her necks and gifts all about. You can see the WIP on my Art blog.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cats and Dogs.. funny

Sunday, September 7, 2008

DH and Golf ~

DH really likes the Trees.
A hazard... look for the orange ball in flight,on the right of the photo.
Check out the orange blur....

Over all a Grand Day Out!

DS golf day out~2nd post

You can see how nice the course is. Here is Chris getting off a good shot.
The Hazards,, and like all good Mothers, had to capture the moment. :O)
The Sand pit- he hit the ball out the first shot. Sadly no sand spraying in all directions photographs for me. However, I do have ones of DH, so not all is lost.

DS Golf day~ 1st post

DS decided he would like to go Golfing for his Birthday. The course we usually go to had a tournament going, so we were unable to golf there.
DH called around and found another Golf course in the area and it ended up being a much nicer course.
The Golf cart was all electric and because of that non smelly, smooth going, just an over all nice cart to drive.
The course as you can see above was very nicely done, well thought out and elegant in its design.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Mia Playing

Finally was able to get a video of Mia playing. You can also see Nari our Maine coon in her harness..and Sadie our orange cat.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

A nice ride out on the Farm~

Had a good ride on Dyfra today... took Ella with us... Ella her bright sheet and bell on, as Hubby saw the poachers about at 6am this morning. Rather late for poachers.
Got to prune some branches back while still on Dyfra. First time in a veryyyy long time I did that. Nice to have part of my path...well.. I know where the path was... clear.
Dyfra was a champ.. dropped some 1 to 2" limbs on her head and neck... not on purpose...she could care less.
Had to grab ahold of a very long and very thick blackberry vine... had her back up a good 50' to get it pulled out of the tree limbs. She is such a good work horse.
Ella for the most part stayed in sight of us. Normally running to catch up with us..with her bell jingling away. Both people and other animals would have to be totally deaf not to hear us coming.
Rode in the new military pants I bought... little big but will fit perfect when I start wearing double clothes in winter. Much better than sweat pants for riding in the brush. Normally the thorn bushes snag my legs.. and they didn't get me at all in these pants.Was thinking about getting some English riding pants... but I decided since I don't get to ride out with others.. military work pants make more sense.
The above picture is from a couple of years ago. Should of took the small camera out today with me but didn't think about it until I got back in. Maybe next time I will have DS take some photos of us working.

Video of Mia~

The State Fair and Draft horses

We set out for the State Fair as soon as the Farm animal chores were done and we fed ourselves.
It was a bright and sunny morning, abet a wee bit on the cold side. However, that is much better than being too hot.
The traffic was surprisingly light, so we enjoyed that in full measure.
The main reason we were going, is so I could get some Draft horse photos. Unlike New England with their Draft horse shows and pulls.. just about every weekend in different areas. This area has very few. Just one main show around Feb at HAPPS and the State Fair.
No Oxen and Draft horse pull only shows, sadly.
While waiting for the draft horse pull to start.. DH got me the scooter.. personally hate the things but not much choice. We looked around at the livestock.. was a Longhorn Cow we wanted to buy but sadly couldn't find the owners and they did not have any info out other to say it was for sale. Opportunity lost.
DH & DS has to check out the food of course.
Really nice fair for the NW.
Here are just a few of the Draft horse photos I took the last day of the State Fair. Really need a Nikon D300 for the type of photos I want to take but until I can afford it I am stuck with the one I have. Will have to at least get a better flash.
These photos were taken out side where there was better light.
Decided to do close ups and different angles...