Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Good Books~

The whole family loves reading, so I thought I would put a short entry to books I would recommend for readers.
I tend to save my favorite books to read again.

Anne McCaffery writes a good books and her "Freedom" series and "Pern" series are excellent reads. The words flow easily and her writing is clear and you can just about see her worlds in your head.
I really enjoy the books Anne McCaffery has written on her own. The books she has a co-author with, I have not liked nearly as much.
If you like the "RingWorld" books, then you should take a look at Helix. Very clear and easy to understand.

" Judas Unchained" Is the sequel of Pandora's Star and like PS, Judas unchained is a 1,000+ page book. It is a little more intense read but well written. Honestly think this book is better than the first. However,,, near the end it seems like the Author rushed. Would of rather seen him add another 500 pages, than ending that is in the book. But I still recommend giving this book an look at too.

I am in the process of reading a "Dick Frances" Novel and will do a review as soon as I am done.
Normally I do not like murder mysteries but he writes an outstanding book.