Tuesday, March 17, 2009

government control of private gardens-HR 875

Want to see something truly scary.....

Think this won't happen... think again.
NAIS bill, the no dust farming Bill and now this.
When are these stupid bills going to stop?
At the rate they are going we won't be allowed to own animals or garden, how stupid is that?
But then... when has the gov and big business been smart?
Is all about greed and the bottom line for them.... heck to all the small farmers who just want to put healthy food on the table.

I have to grow my own Veggies, if I want to eat. I am on a much needed no salt added diet,, and all canned and frozen veggies sold in stores, has a large amount of salt added. I can't eat it without ending up in the ER. And I refuse to buy food from Mexico or China because they can put what ever they want on stuff.

USDA doesn't do their job and we get hurt for it.
Do not think these new bills will help "food safety" any better than the old bills, USDA and FDA are forever falling down on the job. Because of their laziness, It will just cost us little people a whole lot more money to keep animals or garden, if we are allowed to at all.
Wait until they come up for a tax for every mouthfull of food you eat. Bla......
Or maybe it is time to find another country that is proud of their people that grow their own food.

Anyway..because of this... I will most likely not say wither we garden or not. Last thing I need is the Gov coming in and telling me I can't eat my food.