Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tulips, Stjarna and this and that...

DS and Nari....our outside mouser. She has a special house to live in at night so nothing will get her. She is really happy being able to chase rodents all day long.

Had the Vet out to Xray Stjarna's hooves, used the money I had set aside for the animals.

Some of Robert's beautiful Tulips are blooming. Makes the farm look even more pretty.

Decided to take a photo of my Artist desk looking out. Can see the duck painting I am working on at present.

Managed to get the Strawberry plants in the Strawberry pot, got the Brussel sprouts and Basil starts into the garden. Both DH and I have been doing some kitchen garden weeding.

Finding out something is eating my pea plants!! grumble..grumble... Also need to spray soap and oil on the few that are coming up. Beans are just starting to the garden is not doing bad for this early in the season. Will post photos soon.

DH has been weeding around all the plants and trees, makes those areas look a lot better.

Hay fields are growing well.... the place is a lush green everywhere.. I love spring.

Weather has been surprisingly cool out...rain showers here and there... guess that is why everything is so green. ;O)

We have all been keeping busy.

DH has an interview this Tuesday so please wish us luck.

I have been working on my latest painting and on the second Bobbin of Coopworth..hopefully will be able to ply it into yarn, by the end of next week. Wish there was some way to up my sales of Art but one needs to advertise and is sadly not something I can do right now.

DS has been keeping busy with Farm chores and playing with his cats.


Thumper said...

If I had a view like that out my window, chances are I'd be able to sit here at home to work instead of driving out to the bookstore...

Shari said...

Do you have a window that looks out into your yard? Have you thought about putting a window box up outside and planting some beautiful flowers in it? I used to do that back when the view from the windows wasn't so nice, in the previous places I have lived. ;O)
Or a comfy chair next to a fireplace?
Wish you were closer because you would be welcome here!