Wednesday, July 8, 2009

One funny Morning, a DS and Mia ~

This photo has nothing to do with that morning but I did want to show which Cat I was talking about.
So the other morning I opened my DS's Bedroom door to let the cats out, told DS to get up while turning on the light.
All I could see is this lump of something in bed. Mia was sitting there on the floor looking at the moving lump slowly come to life.
As it raised out of its bed, hair sticking out in all kinds of weird angles, Mia takes one look at him and fluffs up like a large bottle brush, tail, back, the whole 9 yards.
I just could not stop laughing, still can't stop laughing.
Guess Mia didn't recognize him for a minute there but then if I was Mia, I would of been scared. Too .... Much.... hair..... LOL

Mia forgave him after he fed her Breakfast.

DS and Mia might just have to be featured in a cartoon at some point.