Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Warmth of Icelandic horse fur, to a cat's paws~

Is that a happy and sleepy cat or what?

Since it was not going to rain today I decided I wanted to do some leaf peeping via horse back. So I had DS help me groom Dyfra up and DS's cat, Nari (our outside mouser) decided she rather lay on Dyfra's warm back be itched and then happily groom herself. Took a couple of video shorts so everyone could see.

Dyfra did not mind at all and loved it when Nari was kneading her back.. had Dyfra's nose going. Nari started falling asleep and so did Dyfra. Really proud of them both.

However, I still wanted to ride......

Of course every time I put Nari down.. Nari was up on Dyfra's back made it a little interesting to get Dyfra tacked up.

Finally was able to get Dyfra tacked up and took Ella with us on our short trail ride. We have a little fall color and really enjoyed looking at it while riding and then letting Dyfra eat some grass while sitting on her back. It is hard to put in words just how peaceful that was.