Monday, April 26, 2010

Dyfra, Stjarna, Pineapple Upside down cake and the Orchard

Dyfra enjoying the grass around the house the first week of April. The ultimate, all terrain lawn mower. ;O)

Stjarna is doing very well. Got her teeth done, is a wonder she could eat at all, the ramps at the back made it impossible for her teeth to come together so she could chew properly. So now that is taken care of, she should need a lot less feed to keep her weight up. She seems happy now that she can chew her food correctly.

DH 's Yummy Pineapple upside down cake!

The small young Orchard, with flowering Japanese cherry tree in the background and you can see some of the beautiful Bulbs.

Things are going ok. Still in the holding pattern that has been this last year and change.
DH will be flying to VA for an interview in about a week and a half. Keeping my fingers cross they will hire him for this job. It is about time we get a break and DH is offered a real long time work!

Moving would be a bit of a logistics nightmare but well worth it for a good job!!!
DS would have more opportunities on the other side of the country, for college and work.
Oregon is dead in that regard. There is nothing here, the state is stagnate.

DS has been weeding the kitchen garden for me and I have been slowly planting Veggies.
DS has been keeping busy with Farm chores. Not much else to do around here.

I have Ella the Donkey and Theia for sale, wither we move or not, I do need to down size a bit. Have had a number of people interested in Ella but sadly, all have just been Time Wasters, a number of them not showing up when they make an appointment to see her. Very frustrating to say the least. No queries on Theia yet.
Can you believe Theia will be 8 years old this June! She was the last mini foal born at our old farm, how time flies.
Also offering Dyfra for sale but counting what I paid for her originally and the shear number of hours, months, years I have been training her and putting real ride miles on her, she will only sell for a fair price. She also needs to go to a buyer that already has one Icelandic and is a very, very good rider. She can get high strung and fizzy at times but has never been a problem for me.

We did go look at cars for me, just in case this job comes through. I have narrowed it down to the Honda Element and the Toyota Scion xB.
Think the Honda would suit us better because the inside can be hosed out and built with people like my husband in mind. LOL
But Toyota's have always been reliable for us. So it would come down too.. which of the two would be the best deal/price. Am looking at the 2008 certified used models.
Keeping my fingers crossed.

The Gallery showing for my three pieces of Art starts May 5th and lasts until May 30th.