Monday, May 31, 2010

Edda Photos and Video

These photos above the videos were taken today, 6 July 2010. Edda has slicked out to her summer coat and looking very nice!

I need to take a measurement of her again soon. But when the photos and videos below were taken.....
Edda is now 12 months old, 12.1 1/2 hands tall on level ground. Have had a hard time getting any photos her her because of all this rain.
Did get a break in the rain showers today to take a few videos and what I could of still photos. She is still shedding out her cotton ball looking winter coat and growing like a weed.

Can start to see her lower Charcoal colored legs, as she sheds out. She also has a lot of, light silver in her mane and tail but doesn't show up in the photos.

This is my usual type of photos of my horses, they have to see close up, what I am doing.LOL
Look at those long silver colored eye lashes!


Anonymous said...

Your horses are beautiful!!!