Sunday, August 29, 2010

The House

Think I did pretty good here, with the photos of the house, front and back. Bright green of fresh spring grass and a bright blue sky with wisps of clouds.

Think we have pretty much decided to lease the house for a year.
People seem to only want to pay half of what we paid for the place 5+ years ago and that is not going to happen. Specially when we bought this place at a more than fair price because we were the only ones that put an offer on the table and could jump through the State of Oregon's Lawyers requirements (hoops).
Put a lot of work and love into this place and not about the ruin our good credit because people now think it is cool to rip good honest folks off.
And we can't compete with the many, many short sales and foreclosures in this area.
Lack of jobs in Oregon doesn't help either.

We are looking into a place that we can lease until our place sells, should know in the next couple of weeks wither it will fly or not. Place we are looking at was pulled off the market because its owner is having the same problems we are. We are right side up but no wants to buy at a fair price. And we can't buy until this place sells. Soooo... keep your fingers crossed.
If we get the go ahead with the place we are looking at... will have the property manager handle the Farm, while DS, the cats, horses and I travel to our new home.

On the family news...
DH really likes his new job and is enjoying it.
DS , got all 4 of his wisdom teeth out. He is doing fine now. His latest read is the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Universe.
Me.. all kinds of dental work done and need to get a bone graft the first week in Oct. Know it needs to get done badly but not looking forward to it. ah well...

Other than that...
DS and I have been keeping up with the Farm chores, enjoying the cooler weather. Much easier to get work done when it is cool.
I have been working on getting my 2011 Calendars made.. lots of work and time there.
Also decided to try my hand at making some Glass earrings with my paintings on them in miniature. Gathering all I need now and sometime in the next couple of weeks will put something about it up on my Art Blog.

Hugs and Kisses to the family...