Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A cool Tuesday morning Sunrise

Woke up to 18* temps on Tuesday morning but it looked like it would be a beautiful day. Can see the Moon on the upper right and the sun just touching the next hills over.

And a Closer shot of the Hills next over, camera couldn't quite capture the stunning beauty of that morning.
Made it all the way up to 20* later that day. I saddled Dyfra up to ride the fence line to make sure the poachers hadn't messed with it.
Had my new shoes on and with the Protection Vest I now wear every time I ride..
Stayed nice and warm.

DS even had to use the snow shovel for the first time this year. ;O)

Monday, November 22, 2010

If we can't have Sun ....a Fire place will do...

This is what cats love to do during a winter storm.... Sun themselves in front of the Fireplace.

You can't see DS off to the side.. but he is playing with Mia. She likes to bat the foil ball back at him, when he tosses it to her. Also a great winter storm pass time.
Can see her in... "well hurry up" Mode... "toss the ball already... I am waiting". LOL

First Snows of Winter

Started snowing Sunday morning and has basically been snowing since then. Not a whole lot but enough to turn everything white.

Edda in the snow around 1pm on Sunday. Snow is still kind'a new to her. Can you believe is a little over 12.3 hands now!
The Icelandic's are loving this weather... they spend a lot of time running and playing. Is a joy to watch.

A little more snow on the ground.

Right now it is Monday evening... and along with the snow and hail every now and then, we are having fairly high winds. Just hope the power doesn't go out.
Have a good snow shovel, plenty of wood, food for us and the animals...
We should be all set for awhile.

Friday, November 5, 2010

An November Evening

Yesterday evening it was so nice, I thought I would stay out after feeding the horses their evening meal.
After being fed and well groomed, there is nothing better than a relax rolling in the Evening sunshine... LOL Stjarna is really enjoying it.

Next up we have wee Maggie... and her cute, adorable teddy bear like winter ears.
Think the will be the last time I will Roach her mane, as I won't be driving this winter. But she really doesn't seem to mind having no super thick Mane to lug around.

When I looked up into the sky from taking photos of the horses and foliage I see a Rainbow cloud. Of course I had to try to take a photo of it... camera wasn't happy about it, had a hard time trying to focus but it came out fairly well.

The Evening sun in Nov looking toward the night pasture, hay field and our woods beyond. This is such a beautiful place.

A little Fall color.

Everyone is doing well, staying busy to say the least. DH is enjoying his job, DS is trying to find work and practicing with his Longbow and me.. I am handspinning more yarn and working on my online shops.