Friday, December 17, 2010

Family photos

DS and his outside Main Coon Cat Nari and Nari being where she likes to be... on DS's shoulder.
She is one happy cat and Lad too for that matter!

OK... a so, so photo of me. I do not normally do photos of me because I am not photogenic.
Down to size 8 pants..and the pants are starting to look big. Wearing my really comfy Cabela zip on boots and a soft Alpaca wool sweater.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wee Christmas Tree and Nari the shoulder Cat

We have a small house, not really any room to set a Tree up this year and then, there are the Cats. Sure DS would get tired of picking up a large xmas tree and or the ornaments several times a day, as the Cats try to rearrange it to their liking. So this year..we just decided on a tiny table top xmas tree, set away from the Cats.
Is still festive and smells just as good as the large trees.

Nari, with her favorite person, standing on her favorite spot (her 2nd favorite spot is laying on Dyfra). Any time DS goes out side there is Nari, wanting to sit on DS shoulder, when he is standing, walking or doing chores. LOL I told him, I could always design a platform to go on his shoulders so Nari can sit better, but DS just looked at me kind'a funny ....and I swear... he rolled his eyes! Can you believe it?? LOL

Dyfra's Sporting Stjarna's Parson's rump, so someone I know could see it on a grey horse... couldn't miss her could you!!?
Excuse the odd angle of the photo and even with a rainsheet on, Dyfra finds new and interesting ways to get dirty.

Baking bread today, and the house smells wonderful!