Monday, April 11, 2011

Katahdin Lambs arrived this morning.

I have a bit of a grass problem... too much of it in my horse paddocks. I do not want to use Toxic stuff to get rid of the grass, so the next best thing is sheep. They can graze the grass so short the horse's can't get to it but it leaves a cover over the ground and less likely to get muddy.
If things weren't the way they are, would of gotten a couple more. But as they grow the next couple of months, they will start eating more and more grass and weeds.

Can't tell you how much I have missed having sheep. These two wether's are Katahdin hair sheep and I love the colors they have. Another plus, is I do not have to shear.
Will leave them alone for about a week and then halter training begins. Need to be able to move them from pasture to pasture and want them a little more tamed out. Glad I kept all my old sheep stuff from back when.

Katahdins are a medium sized sheep, males weighing between 180 and 200lbs when full grown, so the biggest sheep I have ever dealt with. And one of the few US breeds of sheep.


Squirrelhaus said...

These are really beautiful sheep! Are you taking them with you when you move? I've never seen any sheep with a brown coat, I'm used to the traditional white sheep. Can you spin yarn from them?
Have a great week.
Chris :o)

Shari said...

Thank you Chris.I love natural colored sheep. These are hair sheep so no fleece for spinning. It is a possibility they will come with us if we can ever get this place sold.