Saturday, June 4, 2011

Stjarna's first Body clip

Very happy Stjarna, sporting her first Body clip. She did really well.

Stjarna, with Dyfra and Edda in the background. I did not clip Stjarna's legs and could not clip all of her face because I was using my giant clippers. Love how she is still shinny after being clipped.

I think Stjarna's major lack of proper care for all those years by the previous owner and her age, is still causing her not to shed her coat normally. With Stjarna, the fur on her neck was still really long and her body was a little shorter but no where near what I would call normal. No where near slicked out like Dyfra's coat is.
She does seem to be a lot happier not sweating like she was before I clipped her. I did have her tested for Cushings but that was neg.