Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hay field and Bucks

Looking toward the house from the road.

Hay field from the road.

The Bucks stops here! LOL DS told me there were deer out in the main pasture.. I figured it was just Does and fawns again. But no, there were 4 bucks. Haven't seen that before. Can see how green the hay field is, normally this time of year it is brown. Could almost get a 2nd cutting.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pearson's Air Museum and the Evergreen Air and Space

One of the gentlemen that volunteered at the Pearson's air museum kindly took a family photo for us.

A couple of the aircraft at this small Museum.

The Evergreen Air and Space Museum ~

DH thought this was cool looking.

Spruce Goose tail from another angle. Abstract Modern Art at it's best, as it towers overhead.

Men were very brave... to have to come home in that during free fall! All manner of impressive.


One of the Tank photos DH took... I had to play with the photo on this one too. It looks like it should be part of an old War poster.

Fort Vancouver

DS took this photo of DH and I at Fort Vancouver in WA. I really enjoyed going on vacation with the family.

Rather wild capture from DH, of me taking a photo of DS.

Me walking towards the Fort Vancouver sign.

They have a lovely garden there, wish mine looked like that! Yup, had to play with the photo a bit.

DH's photo of part the Fort, where they kept the cannons.

St Helens by DH

DH was taking lots of photos while I was driving when we were on vacation. Glad he did because he captured some interesting views. Driving over the long bridge heading towards, St Helens.

Lots of photos of the family at Mt St Helens. The Volcano is quite impressive in person and it was the perfect day. Was very windy but the cool wind sweeping of the mountain made it wonderful.

Yes, the sky was that color as DH took this photo while I was driving. Can see one little cloud up there, looking like a alien space craft.

Another photo I did not know DH took. This is the look out near St Helens, where the Elk tend to hang out.

DS and I .

DS and I again, this time a little farther away from St Helens. DH and I really liked this spot, so we had our picnic lunch here.

Another drive by shooting. ;O) Can see the thick ash and the very large logs buried in it.

The Gorge ~ DH's Photos

DH and I at the Multnomah Falls. Bought him some very good Fudge here.
DS took the photo.

A pretty photo of one of the Falls.

Glad DH took this shot, is really cool. Looks like it should be in some 1930/40's movie! This is the Bonneville Dam and you get to drive over part of it to get to the fish ladders.

On the beautiful side road that follows all the Waterfalls.

The Bridge of the Gods. Played with DH's photo a bit to make ...well... more impressive. Is a rather small bridge and was expect something as impressive as say the, St Johns bridge. But it was nice to see all the same.

Driving across The Bridge of the Gods, heading into WA.

Husband's photos he took on Vacation

Yes, that is a box of Moonstuck chocolates. DH bought them for me when we were on vacation. They are incredibly good, have to say some of the best chocolate out there.

The Lewis and Clark Bridge, we have to go over this to head north or go into WA to shop. Can see one of the many of the places that sell Logs from the US to overseas just in front of the bridge.

Can you see me now? LOL Only thing missing is my bright Orange helmet cover. Good to stay safe on the road and avoid poachers shooting at you.

The Rhodies.