Wednesday, August 3, 2011

St Helens by DH

DH was taking lots of photos while I was driving when we were on vacation. Glad he did because he captured some interesting views. Driving over the long bridge heading towards, St Helens.

Lots of photos of the family at Mt St Helens. The Volcano is quite impressive in person and it was the perfect day. Was very windy but the cool wind sweeping of the mountain made it wonderful.

Yes, the sky was that color as DH took this photo while I was driving. Can see one little cloud up there, looking like a alien space craft.

Another photo I did not know DH took. This is the look out near St Helens, where the Elk tend to hang out.

DS and I .

DS and I again, this time a little farther away from St Helens. DH and I really liked this spot, so we had our picnic lunch here.

Another drive by shooting. ;O) Can see the thick ash and the very large logs buried in it.