Thursday, November 10, 2011

The first day traveling through Oregon.

First day on the road and traveling through the beautiful Columbia River Gorge in Oregon. The day was bright, sunny and the wind was incredibly strong. White caps on the river and the wind bending the trees in half.
We stopped for lunch at the Bonneville Dam.

More beautiful Columbia Rover Gorge.
A bit sad, as it is doubtful I will ever see this stunning area again. Very glad I have some good photos.

Here we are heading to Pendleton. Heavy winds here too and just before the town, we were attacked my a number of wild Tumble Weeds! Wish DS took a photo of it, as it was impressive.
After driving for hours with a coypus number of Tumble Weeds stuck to the grill and waving at me from the front edge of the hood...
I spent a little time pulling all the TW out from various places they have stuffed themselves around my SUV. Incredible to say the least.

Driving on the dry side of Oregon heading out of Pendleton, up into the hills where the wind was so bad, best speed I could go was 45 miles an hour, and the wind trying its best to rip the hood off the SUV. I have never driven through winds this strong. But at least the drive wasn't boring. LOL