Friday, February 25, 2011

More Horse photographs in the snow

Beautiful shot of Edda's face.

Edda, Stjarna and Maggie are Enjoying a Run.

She just had to buck, LOL, look at Dyfra's tail!

I made sure of have DS bring Stjarna back in and Edda decided to follow.

Lots of Snow and action shots of the horses

Edda enjoying the view.

Maggie galloping through deep snow.


Dyfra and Maggie heading for the woods at full gallop.

Dyfra and Stjarna galloping. Can see how deep the snow is.

Dyfra and Stjarna running for the hills.

Blasting through the snow!

Edda spinning, so she can blast off after the other horses.

We ended up with another 3"'s of snow last night and cold as a.... lets just say it was 16* out this morning out of the wind. It has since warmed up to 25* !
Have to admit it is pretty though.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nari and the Snow

Nari really wanted to stay on Dyfra's back but I wanted to go out riding. So she finally figured out the boys shoulders where better than sitting on the snow.

Nari walking towards Dyfra , not all happy about the snow. She wasn't at all cold but she loves laying on a Icelandic horse's back.

You expect me to sit pretty for a picture in this stuff, she seems to be saying.

Lots of snow in February

This is the point of the pasture where DS has his archery target, looking out over the hills this morning.

Night pasture early this morning after feeding the horses. This is before the additional 2 inches of hail balls, that came later on this day.

Driveway, not that one can see it.

Night pasture trees

Night pasture run in shed in the early morning.

Back of the house in the early sunrise.

Maggie in Snow

Pawing the snow to make sure the grass is still there.

Maggie having a gallop through the snow.
Maggie is adorable.

Edda Snow photos

This farm is so beautiful.
Edda is standing down hill.
More snow this morning about 3" originally, then we had a break for a little while.
Mother nature added another 2" of hail balls on top of that and afterwards we had some bright blue sky, so I came out took some photos.

Edda trotting and making a funny face. But it is nice getting some new updated photos of Edda. She is a pretty young horse and wanted to get some better photos of her.

Need to scratch that itch.

Getting some air jumping the ditch.

What is cool, is there is 2" of little hail balls on top of the 2"+ of snow, was fun walking through it.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Icelandic's and Maggie the Mini

Miss Maggie

The high winds blowing Dyfra's mane around in a pretty fashion.

Abstract shot of Edda's mane

And a number of photos of Edda, who had to follow me all over the pasture while taking photos to see if she could help.

Tolting to Maggie, not the greatest angle...

Mia update and the downed Grandmother Cedar tree

I have been trying for a couple of weeks to get a good photo of Mia but no such luck, not enough light so I get the possessed kitty photos. DS took these photos today of her in the super bright wash room and got a couple of good photos.
Normally she is not allowed in the dryer.
Mia is doing a lot better, no sign of the abscess and her fur is finally starting to slowly grow back in.

The downed Cedar tree, snapped off about half way. The tree is a lot bigger than it looks here in the photos.
Have a chain saw but it is a bit small for this tree. Need to get it cleaned up but not sure what I am going to do at this point.