Friday, November 25, 2011

Maggie's New Cart

Before the move to VA, I decided I had better sell Maggie's posh Country Road Cart for a couple of reasons. One, I did not have room on the truck for it and two, more than likely something would of happened to it.
The replacement is this, a Hyper Bike. I can no longer give pony rides with me but it is much lighter than her CRC.

This is her 2nd time in this cart and I have a lot more tweaking to do before I have the cart and harness where I want it.
Is a very stable, has a wide track and able to handle the type of driving I do, which is just on the trails.

She seems to enjoy it so far and for the first time ever, I am wearing my helmet while driving.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Working on my Art Studio room

The start of my Art Studio... table, good light.. fake Doug fir boughs....

Well, I love Doug Firs and since they don't grow in VA....

Slowly getting things unpacked and hope to start a new painting in the next

couple of weeks.

Nari in the Box

So this morning I decided to unpack one of the boxes of horse stuff. There were things piled on top of this box too, so I wasn't expecting to see a tail and when I opened the box more....

Some how Nari decided to crawl into the box under the stuff on the lid and creep her way into the closed box and was happily snuggled inside.
Rather invented way to find a nice place to hide.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Around the New place

Second Back door and where the future run in shed will be. Fencing is already going in. This time around we are doing cattle panels, little more heavy weight which I think we will need.

The Well, yup seriously and it is only 40' deep. Hopefully we will have water in the summer when needed.
Lots of Oak trees around the house.

Drive to the road and the front of the property. Hopefully will get that fenced by spring. Been a long time since I have had to live so close to other people.

Horse's housing until the run in shed comes in and the fence is finished.

Only out building on the place, nice large double garage. So there is outside storage for DH's things.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

New Place ~ Through the window..

Here is the first photo I took of the new place, through the bedroom window.

Rest of the trip photos ~

Utah, interesting land formations.

Start of the Rocky Mountains...

Going through St Louis Missouri, very early hours in the morning. As you can see, very little traffic this time of day.

Missouri sunrise... just before we made it to St Louis.

Illinois.. very polite folks here.

The Mists of the West Virginia Mountains.... Almost to our destination!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Second day

Early morning the second day of our travels across the country.
This day we traveled through Idaho and Utah.

Heading towards the snow.

We stopped at Evenaston WY for the Night. Quite cold out around 11*, bit of snow on the ground but the roads where dry.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The first day traveling through Oregon.

First day on the road and traveling through the beautiful Columbia River Gorge in Oregon. The day was bright, sunny and the wind was incredibly strong. White caps on the river and the wind bending the trees in half.
We stopped for lunch at the Bonneville Dam.

More beautiful Columbia Rover Gorge.
A bit sad, as it is doubtful I will ever see this stunning area again. Very glad I have some good photos.

Here we are heading to Pendleton. Heavy winds here too and just before the town, we were attacked my a number of wild Tumble Weeds! Wish DS took a photo of it, as it was impressive.
After driving for hours with a coypus number of Tumble Weeds stuck to the grill and waving at me from the front edge of the hood...
I spent a little time pulling all the TW out from various places they have stuffed themselves around my SUV. Incredible to say the least.

Driving on the dry side of Oregon heading out of Pendleton, up into the hills where the wind was so bad, best speed I could go was 45 miles an hour, and the wind trying its best to rip the hood off the SUV. I have never driven through winds this strong. But at least the drive wasn't boring. LOL

The Move

As you all know, DH was not able to find a job in Oregon and had to travel 3,000 miles away to find one.
It took us 14 months away from each other to finally sell the house.
We both loved the Farm in Oregon very much, but one must go where the work is.
Can see the boxes in the old place, day before the moving truck arrived.
I boxed the whole house myself, to make sure things were packed correctly and trying to save a little money. Moving is very spendy.

The Pilot packed up and ready to go. Along with the needed people stuff, we had three cats in there. Needless to say it proved to be a bit interesting at times. LOL