Friday, April 20, 2012

Update on the Chicks ~ and news...

We have the chicks running in the whole hen house now and they love all the extra room.
Because of the heat, most days they do not need their heat lamp on.

 They are feathering out quite nicely. The two surviving RIR chicks are doing well too, Thank goodness. If you look to the far right of the above photo and third chick in is one of the RIR's.
Others are the Easter Eggers and production breeds I bought from Tractor Supply.

This shot, shows how tiny they still are.

Counting the days until they are fully feathered out and old enough to start eating bugs!

Other news...

The Fruit Orchard is doing very well, and with some of the trees, we should have some fruit in a couple of years.

Had a neighbor kindly offer to till me a garden patch.....
And seriously thinking about a small kitchen garden, as I really want my own, fresh organic food but I am pretty much at my limit for now, with things that need to get done around the place. That and how hot it gets here in the summer.
 Rather torn with this decision, but I think I am going to have to pass this year.
Now next year is another matter.

Would like to have us produce most of our Veggies, Fruit and Eggs by end of next summer.

I might get a whiskey barrel and do a small herb garden for now.
 If DH gets some time, would like two raised beds for perennial veggies near the house, like Artichokes and Asparagus.

A number of the larger oak trees are dying due to bugs and they will need to be taken down before next winter. Other wise we chance them falling on the fencing.

We have a skunk that managed to get in around the house but doesn't want to go back out, due to the hot wire.  It is living under the hay shed for now. Will try to leave the gate open tonight and see if it leaves on its own... I hope it does......

That is it for now...