Monday, May 7, 2012

Up date on the Chickens

 One of the Easter Egger pullets, front and center and the only two chicks that survived the shipment. Those are the two RIR's.
The RIR's are doing quite well and one loves to sit on your shoulders. Could be problem as she gets bigger.... LOL

 I am pretty sure, this Easter Egger in the above and below photos, is going to be a rooster. 
Will see how his temperament is, after he grows up, to whether we eat him or not.

A colorful flock of young chickens. They are enjoying their hen house yard.

Find the chicken?

So Bored~~ the hard life of a cat..

This is Nari, our mighty outside mouser. Except when it rains, or is windy... or she needs a nap, then... she is inside. 
The morning I took these photo's, she kept flipping around on her window seat...

 She would look outside, paw at the window saying she was Bored... humans are suppose to make the weather perfect at all times.

And then I get the look of ... Well... do something about this atrocity, rain is so over rated. LOL