Monday, May 7, 2012

Up date on the Chickens

 One of the Easter Egger pullets, front and center and the only two chicks that survived the shipment. Those are the two RIR's.
The RIR's are doing quite well and one loves to sit on your shoulders. Could be problem as she gets bigger.... LOL

 I am pretty sure, this Easter Egger in the above and below photos, is going to be a rooster. 
Will see how his temperament is, after he grows up, to whether we eat him or not.

A colorful flock of young chickens. They are enjoying their hen house yard.

Find the chicken?


Christine Nees said...

I love chickens Shari, and yours are really sweet! I have given up on them in Alaska, I'm tired of having the bears come visit!!! (Just too dangerous!) I used to have a wonderful polish hen that always followed me around and loved to sleep in my lap. I miss them immensely!!!
Chris :o)

Shari said...

Thank you Chris! They are really fun to have around.
But you are right, Bears are not.
During the last year I was in Oregon, I had a very big Black Bear trying his best to get over the fencing Robert put up a number of times, to the point he even bent a T post. But the heavy duty fencing,Plus predator rated thick hot wire.. 8' tall in that area, even the Bear couldn't get through it. Only reason we kept the chickens, cat and horses safe, was that Fort Knox of a fence.
You could always set up a fence like that. ;O)