Sunday, June 24, 2012

Poultry update~

One of the Golden Comet Hens.

A group of them together. The two lighter ones are Roosters.

This is Red, one of two serving Hens from that ill fated shipment.  She is super sweet, loves attention, sitting on you and being petted.
Which makes it nearly impossible to get a good shot of her.

One of the three roosters, of course I like his coloring the best. He also has nice muff's under his eyes and chin.  
Did not do anything with the photo, he really is that bright!

This rooster seems to be very sweet so far. Very gentle, loves attention and sitting on your arm. As long as he stays sweet, he can stay.

DS has spent a lot of time taming them down, to which I am grateful.  Gentle easy going chickens are just a lot easier to deal with.

They are nearly big enough, to be able to finally run around the house and eat bugs for us.
Granted, will have to deal with chicken manure in places but worth it to have less bugs.