Monday, September 30, 2013

Obama care... not a good thing, not at these prices...

DS needs health insurance.
 So I go onto Healcare.Gov.. and check what the price is.
He makes nothing right now, but has been looking for a job. There is no Medicaid in this State, so that means private.
 Going by their online scale... if DS, makes nothing a year, at the basic health care, he needs to cough up... $197+ a month.
That is crazy. 
He is too old to be on our military insurance. 
This is beyond stupid. 
Thought this was going to help, not make it harder on us. Sigh ~~

We really, really need another small commuter car, but now, that is off the table. 
Letting DS use the Echo, while his father gets another little car, would allow DS to expand his search for a job.
Because here in VA, if you are not related to someone, it is very, very hard to get a job.

Not a happy camper.