Monday, September 30, 2013

Turkeys...... sigh ~~

Forget Turkey's in the straw, how about Turkey's on the roof.  They love people, and when really happy, bark like puppies. LOL
Right now, we have one female for sure.... one male and can't tell with the other.

And the men of the house... have named them, Patrick, Sponge Bob and Sandy.
(rolling eyes) 

Obama care... not a good thing, not at these prices...

DS needs health insurance.
 So I go onto Healcare.Gov.. and check what the price is.
He makes nothing right now, but has been looking for a job. There is no Medicaid in this State, so that means private.
 Going by their online scale... if DS, makes nothing a year, at the basic health care, he needs to cough up... $197+ a month.
That is crazy. 
He is too old to be on our military insurance. 
This is beyond stupid. 
Thought this was going to help, not make it harder on us. Sigh ~~

We really, really need another small commuter car, but now, that is off the table. 
Letting DS use the Echo, while his father gets another little car, would allow DS to expand his search for a job.
Because here in VA, if you are not related to someone, it is very, very hard to get a job.

Not a happy camper.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mia and College... Mia and the Turkeys...

Looked into DS's room this morning as he was getting ready for College and saw this.....
Mia laying on his book bag.  She might be thinking if she lays on it he won't go any where or
he might take her with him.
Either way, she is not impressed with him being gone during the day.

Having to feed the turkeys on the front porch for now... they decided to look in and Mia was looking at them, then would look at me and then look at the turkeys again...
Almost feel her asking me....  "What the hell are those?" LOL

And people say Dinosaurs are gone.... ha!