Saturday, February 15, 2014

Snowy roads and the Aquarium~~~

Yes,  Bowling Green had snow... most snow I have seen since I moved to VA. This is towards Bowling Green.

Fort AP Hill

Below.. a massive Turtle coming up for air.

Yesterday, we went to the Aquarium.  That was quite the adventure.  

The roads in Caroline county were ok... bit of Ice here and there. 
Then we got into King George
County... all was going well, until, we ended up behind three snow plows, and get this... they were making the road worse!  Like... good grief people....
Had to follow them for over 20 minutes.   

Luckily, once we made it to the MD bridge and into MD, the roads were clear of Ice.  However, there was Plenty of crazy drivers.  We were going 5 to 10 mph over the speed limit....
We were being passed by the majority of the drivers there.... like we were standing still.  Holy carp!

Took us over 3 hours.  

But once we arrived at the aquarium.... the people were really nice.  Was like a breath of fresh air.  Aquarium wasn't bad either.

Enjoyed the day, but goodness... it was a long one.  Came home, ate and went to bed!


DH being silly

Big Jellyfish

Little colorful Jellys

Beautiful Lionfish


Top of main tank

Find the Seahorses

Shark tank

Cute Turtle..... they had a large number of different types of turtles there.

Sunset as seen from the MD Bridge as we were going home. This was taken through the the car's windscreen