Monday, May 5, 2014

Kitchen Garden~

After the steep learning curve last growing season, I think, I "might" have the hang of growing things around here.

Above, one of  my Asparagus beds, they are doing well.

One of the two blueberry blushes we planted last Fall.  Is doing well.

Lettuce is looking very pretty.
Below, the lettuce and broccoli bed.

The Mars grape, came back even after the late hard freeze killed all the new growth.
The red grape,, is very much dead. Will have to replace that one.
But around the Mar's grape, I decided to try some, ground cover, to help with the weeds.
They are tiny now, but hopefully will grow quickly.

Still have more weeded to do. 

The two Peony bushes, did well through winter and are coming on strong. Even have buds starting.
Rather hard to see right now.

Just planting two tomatoes this year, plus some summer squash, a pepper, some onions and flowers in this bed.
Plants are still very small right now. Bed should be full by mid summer.