Thursday, May 1, 2014

Storm ~

River across the Driveway....
First time I have seen this, granted this up and coming summer will only be our third year here.

Lots of strong wind, thunder and lightening. Sadie spent most of the day under her safety table, with the cover on it.

For the first time, Dyfra did not rear and spin, when the Thunder claps happened.

Pond and pond and creek running where there normally isn't one.

Thank goodness... no Tornadoes near us.

Pear tree doing its best to bend in half, during the strong steady winds. 

Blackbirds above and a Grackle below, seeking shelter during the storm.

Miss the more mellow weather of NW Oregon. 
Here the weather is just crazy.
Also makes me wish I could afford and F5 rated storm shelter.