Monday, August 11, 2014

Ginter Botanical Gardens~

We heard of a big Green House awhile back but never got around to going, until Yesterday.
We decided to visit the minute it opened on a Sunday morning. That way, we would pretty much have the place to ourselves.
Was so nice looking~~~~
Decided to buy a yearly pass.

The gardens are very well done, clean, no trash any where. They clearly take pride in these gardens.

Look forward to many future visits here.

There are a number of well done Fountains on the grounds.

Pretty little pond with a couple of turtles in it.

Inside captures of the, quite, large green house. I could use one of these. ;O)

Butterfly that liked my Hat.

Butterfly's every where.  This one blends in very well.

DH enjoying the morning in the Green House.

Just one of the many, many Butterflies.  Will be working on the photos the next couple of days.

Find the Butterflies!