Sunday, August 31, 2014

Luray Caverns ~

Went to the Luray Caverns last Saturday. Was 2 1/2 hours away, but worth the drive.
Was rainy, Cloudy, hard to see the hills... but it was nice to be on a road again, that was like Cornelius Pass in Oregon.
Twisty!  LOL

Was told the Caverns were cold, they weren't to me. Would of liked it to be much cooler... but was a nice change.
Interesting all the different smells. 

Had to use my Canon without the try pod or flash, because there were soooo many people! 
Hope to do another trip, when there are less people about.

DH and DS really enjoyed the caves too.

The Start of the journey under the world.

The photo above,shows how dark the Caverns were. Luckily the Canon can handle low light well.

One part of the ceiling

Caves within a Cave.

Reflection on glass smooth water. What you see on the bottom of the photo, isn't really there. 
How cool is that?! LOL

The above photo, is just of the water and reflection.

All the photos above are from the Reflection Pool.
Was incredible to see in person.

The Waterfall of Stone,  45' tall.

What they call the Xmas Tree/Sea Shell/layer cake.  A very interesting formation to be sure.
Two different photos, one from above and the other from below.

Have a few more photos to go through and will post them when I am finished.