Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sadie is sick again~~ UP date RIP beautiful Sadie.....

Sadie has had sooo many surgeries and health problems in her short life. She is 7 years old now.

Sadie's normal Vet is out of town of course.... they have a sub Vet.  She is dangerous in her lack of knowledge and her instability to listen.
Sadie is suffering because of it.  If this stupid sub Vet listened,  Sadie would of gotten proper help sooner.
Keep a very long story short, it took all my will power not to loose my temper.

Took Sadie to the Emergency care Vet Hospital over an hour away from here yesterday.

You know how the Moron sub Vet said her blood work was all normal?
Hospital blood work was all over the place, anything but normal and her Potassium was through the roof.
Stones are too big to pass through so she needs surgery.

Today will cost $1,400.... for the surgery, will cost another $4,000+ dollars.
As much as I love her, how in the heck am I going to get that kind of money in a less than a days time?

DH is going to call Care Credit... if they don't up the limit from her last surgery, I don't know what I am going to do.

With her Stifle issues she can barely walk and always in pain. There is nothing else that can be done for that issue. 

Now this.... 

I have a super nice German endurance saddle for sale... some original Art.

Care Credit did the ok to up the limit... not sure if we can handle the month payments and have the humans eat.
OK Vet Hospital called yesterday afternoon

Bladder had ruptured about the same day that bad Vet was messing with Sadie. 
Some of it leaked into her belly.
Bladder was full of stones.... many of them to large to ever be dissolved like the bad Vet said they could.
Kidneys are showing signs of damage... though that might be because of the bladder issue and stones. 
Has almost no white blood cells in her system.

She also has Addison disease. 

Hospital is going to do some tests tomorrow to see how she is doing.
I told her my limit and if she is in renal failure... I want to let her go.

Neither she or I could know all that was going on with her, until they opened her up. 

I love her, but we are going to be totally tapped out... if any of the other animals get sick...

Here are some of the paintings I am offering for sale....
I don't want to sell Sleeping Mia but I really need too.

Have lowered the prices as much as I can, but the small Frames cost me $125.00 each, the larger ones much more than that.... pay pal will tag me and so on.

Please, please pass this around. I really do need help and this is the only way I have to make some money.

UP DATE ON Sadie....

Got a call from the hospital   Sadie still would not eat and her BP was dropping and red blood cell count extremely low.

She needed a Blood transfusion.

I know Sadie, she has been through a lot, surgery after surgery.. plus all her health issues.

It was in no way an easy .. I have no slept for 2 days...

I told the ER Vet to let her go.

Just about dying inside,  keep telling myself it is for the best. She is no longer in pain and walking normally up in the clouds above.

Poor Mia knows something is wrong...  and is missing her buddy.

RIP Sadie,  you were the most sweet and gentle cat. We will miss you.