Thursday, April 9, 2015

Indoor Garden ~

DH loves Fuchsias, but here in VA,  it gets both too cold
and too hot for them.

I bought him two harder to get Fuchsias, back last Nov for
his xmas gift, They arrived about Feb and have been 
growing well ever since.

Joy Creek nursery in Scappoose, OR
sells them.

They will be grown in the house, under a sunlamp.

Above, you can see the one, just starting to bud out.

There are two very different types.

Two Baby Roses that managed to survive.
Came in with spider mites from the company I bought them from.
Been fighting the mites ever since.

Way I am going with Roses outside, most likely, raise them in the house too.

They don't seem to do well here in VA.

Only ones to live so far, are the bank of Rugosa rose I planted (plan on using them as a wind break for the kitchen garden) and a very hardy Rose, 

on its own root stock.
It dies back in the winter and regrows, during spring.

Small flower to brighten ones day.

Tangerine tree is doing well, the canopy has doubled in size.