Friday, April 24, 2015

We have chicks !

We Have chicks!    

At this point, wasn't expecting it, but it is a nice surprise. 
23 days until the first started to pip... 

First time using an incubator, instead of a broody hen.

First one about 9pm last night, with two other pipping...
This morning, have 3 chicks, all from my stock.

Two Lavenders and one that is lighter... kind'a threw me off... all healthy so far.  
The 2nd photo is the lighter one.  They haven't fluffed up yet.

Saw two of Aubrey's d'Anver Millies, starting to pip.  

Looks really humid, weird thing is, before the eggs hatched, it wasn't.

Was worried as a mother Hen they won't hatch......
Here's hoping the rest do, today!