Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Maggie is doing a lot better ~

 Am sooo happy Maggie is doing better.

 Need to enlarge her wee paddock, was going to do it last weekend but too sick.
She is feeling well enough to pace along her fence.
So this coming weekend, should be well enough to work on it.

Finally got around to taking a photo of Maggie in her shed.
Was to be the sheep shed for the sheep pasture.... but Maggie needed it more.
 And Miss Maggie, is happily dumping her breakfast all over the stall mats. :P

 I used to keep Maggie's mane roached, as we drove quite often.
Since she has been sick, let it grow out again. However this time, decided to train it to be a split mane.
As her mane is super, super thick and gets really long.

Bantams are growing up ~

Bantams are growing up.
Above, couple of the White Ameraucana bantams.

Below, the white AM bantams, a Lavender AM, one of my lavenders.

Beautiful Golden Neck d'Anver pullet.

And below, what always greets me, when I am in their area. LOL
hard to get anything done.
Quail d'Anver Pullet, seeing if I have any more treats.

Makes you wonder what they are talking about. LOL

My beautiful White Quail d'Anver Roosters.
Decided I am going to work on that color.
GoldenNeck pullet in front.

One of my Lavenders.

DS holding Bridgett, the Mille Fleur d'Anver Pullet. 

Claude the Mille Fleur and Remi a quail color, 
both d'Anver Roosters.

Below a beautiful blue d'Anver pullet and a Quail pullet.

Really enjoy my bantams!

Couple of foggy mornings ~

Had a couple of slightly cooler and foggy mornings.
Couldn't see the neighbors, which I loved!

Day at the DC Zoo ~

 DS wanted to go to the DC Zoo for his birthday.

Last time it was winter and barely any people there.
Not so this time... my goodness...  it was well... a Zoo!
Way to many people.
Also managed to get the last Scooter.

DS enjoying the Birds.  
I would love to have an aviary like this.

This photo was taken indoors, with a weird black netting in front.
Surprised it came out.

Peacock found a childs cracker by my scooter, poor thing thought I was was the one with the treats...
He was trying to sweet talk me into more.

For being the Nations Zoo, they are far behind other Zoo's like San Diego... even the Tacoma Zoo in WA.

Another thing I saw... 
 I was the only one with a re-useable water bottle.

Everyone else, ok, all the adults I saw, bought bottled water.
In the NW where I went, everyone had re-useable water bottles.
I did get a lot of people looking at me, every time I used my water bottle.
Hope I got a few thinking. 
Its a little thing to do, to help save our planet.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Blue Berry muffins ~

Decided to bake, since it is too hot out side to do anything.
 Blue Berry Muffins with sheep yogurt......
Blue Berries are from Oregon.

They look orangish because of the bright orange yokes my free range chickens produce.