Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Bantams old and New ~

Same two eggs, one With a Flash, the other WithOut.
Color is really like the above photo.

Blue Quail d'Anver hen, strutting over for a treat.

Claire loves to sit on my Arm, but not when the camera is in her face.

Claire below, she wanted on my Arm, but I was trying to get photos of the 4 new pullets.
So she flew up to the perch over my head and tried to land on my hat.

Goldielocks,  a Belgian d'Anver, trying to hatch out a golf ball.
I did end up putting 7 of her eggs in the incubator.
Kind'a of silly for this time of year but I just couldn't help myself. ;O)

Group shot, one of the new Buff colored hens
 eating with the group.

Halo, one of the remaining Lavenders. Knock on wood, she is going ok..
but I am not going to breed any more pure lavenders, to many genetic problems.
Pretty sure the most green tiny egg above, is one of hers.

One of my Porcelain d'Uccle hens, finishing up her Molt.

And another Porcelain d'Uccle Hen... including her tail feathers!
Poor thing looks very scruffy.

Two of the 4 new hens I went 2 1/2 hours to pickup.
One on the left is a very rare, hard to find Silver Millie Fleur, the other is
a normal Millie Fleur color.
Both are super gentle and not sure about their new home.
But with time and treats, they will come around.

Beaks are a bit long, will trim those once they settle in.