Sunday, December 27, 2015

Newest chicks ~

 First batch of blk chicks and the latest hatch from the 
white Ameraucana bantam hens and Belgian d'Anver roosters. 
5 black chicks in all.

Hatched only the clearest, very blue eggs.

One of the mothers.
 Excuse the dirty beard, gave them messy treats earlier.

You can get black chicks from a white parent that has a recessive white gene, and another parent that has come kind of color.
You will always end up with black chicks.

Just had two more White Quail d'Anver hatch the last couple of days..
from a different area of the property.
Different parents from the Blacks.

There is one d'Uccle in there, can see with the off color.

 These are the ones I had under the broody Welsummer hen.
But I had to take the unhatched eggs away from her, because the one egg she hatched, she killed the chick.
She has now been double banded, so I know she can't be trusted with chicks.