Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snow ~

 Mostly taken from inside, hard to see how deep. 
Depending on where the snow was blown around.... any where from 5" from where the wind has blown it away to nearly 16" as per my boots.
Some of the area's the wind hasn't gotten too is about 20"... which meant snow inside my boot.

(now compared to Donner Lake, CA, NH, even some years in Oregon... this is nothing.)
Though I might revise that, if we get the another 12" of new snow today, the News Channels, are saying we should get in this area.

And a little later in the day, snow getting much heavier.

If this keeps up, this will be the most snow I have dealt with in this State.
Is over the tops of my farm boots.
That and the very high winds make it tough going.