Friday, April 29, 2016

New Tom Turkey, Captain Morgan~~

DH and I, went ahead and got a Tom Turkey for our Turkey hens.
Wasn't planning too and really didn't want one.
They are in love with Stjarna and before one of them gets stepped on..... though I had better get them what they wanted.  One of them was also pacing the gate to get out, meant, if we needed to go some where, we couldn't.

I need happy guard dogs..... LOL

DH named him, Captain Morgan.

Had to fast tract him into the main area around the house because of the heat.
He lost a lot of chest feathers in the transport and when I had DS try to keep him still enough to de worm and dust him.
He is an impressive 45lbs, so hard to handle...not mean at all, just big!

So far, knock on wood, he is good with all the other poultry.