Wednesday, June 15, 2016

DS ~ Saved a couple of Hummingbirds~

I opened the garage doors so the lad could get the empty pallets put into the hay shed and two fighting humming birds zipped in.

One ran into a spider web and got stuck, so the Lad climbed all the way up into the rafters... to save it. Pulled all the webs off it before he let it go.
Very tiny male.

The female is still in there, so I went back into the house, after I set a number of bright red things just outside the garage door, hoping to draw her down and out..
DS crawled back into the rafters, and saved the female too.

This garage is very tall... can fit a super sized motor-home in it.

Did take a photo of the female, also covered in thick spider webs.. we cleaned her off before we let her loose.

She was not at all happy. LOL


Marg said...

Glad the hummingbirds were saved. Love the picture with you and your icelandic horse. I used to have all kinds of horses and raised ponies.