Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Miniature Ribbon Indian Fantail Pigeons

 My young pair, not quite totally feathered out,
Mini Ribbon Indian Fantails arrived today!!
Photos taken, maybe, 10 minutes after they 
were put in their housing.

I am soooo in love! 
They are very curious and checking everything out. LOL

***Bit of an update.

Sadly, I have learned, the male piegon has a number of serious faults, so showing or raising offspring from him would be impossible.
Trying to find him a Pet home.

The Hen is a little better and can be worked with.

I will be picking up a new pair from a long time breeder and Judge soon.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Super blue Egg ~

So there is hope..... was wondering if my pure Legbar pullets from my darkest hen, would lay eggs as blue as hers.

Well, one did, the Bluest egg on top, is a new egg from one of the Legbar pullets.  Keeping my fingers crossed these eggs will be like the mother's and won't fade as the year goes on.

The bottom left egg, almost looks like a pale violet, is from one of my older Legbar hens.
Tiring to figure out how to get that color to deepen. 

Also got another Olive egg, a little darker than the first one.
Which is cool!

Photo taken in natural light, indoors, photo wasn't touched. 


Friday, September 16, 2016

First Green Egg ~

Last winter I crossed two pure breeds, in hopes of getting 
deep green Olive eggs.
This is my first Olive egg, its not quite as dark as I was
hoping for but its a good start!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Gardening Indoors ~

Miss gardening, 
but it is not some thing I can do in this State 
during the summer.
So, I planted some peas and bean seeds in a pot, 
by a very sunny window.
They are growing. LOL

Not sure how they will do, is an interesting test, to say the least.

Bird Netting going up ~

 DH and DS put up knotted game bird netting over two of the chicken runs...... Not pretty but it works. High enough I can walk under it without issues.
Major load off.

Above is the main pullet Bantam shed.

Couple more pens to go.

Thinking I want to plant some Service Berries and such in one area of the pens. 
So they can have snacks and shade.

Local nursery has 50 to 90% off plants in Oct.
Got the pretty Jasmine that is doing well, during that sale. Only cost me $3.00!!
 Below is the new Hen house.