Monday, November 7, 2016

Newest pair of Mini Indian Fantails ~

Very, very long day Saturday.

Didn't help I had a headache from hell, but I couldn't stop the day.
DH kindly drove me every where I needed to go.

Went to the Pigeon show, really nice folks there. One of the judges that I bought the new pair from, in between working, kindly told me a lot of good info.
Spent some time listening and learning. OK,,, and drooling over a few more pigeon.
Look forward to showing my pigeons next year.

The two photos are of the new pigeons.

Then went on to meet up with Sara, so she finally could get Maggie's Hyperbike she purchased. Was really nice to talk to her, wish I had more time.

After that, went over and got that very large old oak cage. Will be able to use it to brood out chicks and so on, in the house without having to worry about the cats. Two levels, and lots of room.

Also have a new RCom Incubator..

New to Me Brooder ~

Raising chicks in the main part of the house is dusty and always had to worry about the cats.

Been looking off and on for the last couple of years for something I can make into a brooder.
Always the brides maid so to speak.
Until, this time.

New to me cage, cleaned up pretty well,
and used a wax oil on it.
 5' 2" long, two levels.
Will make it a lot easier to brood chicks out.
Now able to have it on the other side of the house,
and in the same room as the incubator.

Cages like this new are $$$$$ .

This cage is old, worn in places, but still very use-able.
Make of Oak.
Got it for a very,very good price.

Now the chicks will be safe and I don't have to worry about the cats.

Friday, November 4, 2016

The Green Bean experiment ~

 The Green Bean experiment is doing pretty well.

Even getting green beans. 
If I had extra light, think they would do even better.

Can you find the green beans? LOL

Is great to have a tiny indoor garden. 
Also nice to know, I still have a little bit of a green thumb.

(I did plant peas with them, however, they did not do well. I would need to add a fan for air, to help strengthen them)