Sunday, December 3, 2017

Quiche ~

I have not cooked much in the last few months.
A friend shared this recipe and it
was fast and very easy.
Turned out very well.... 
Brussels sprouts, sheep yogurt, eggs and sheep cheese.... Guess you could call it a crust-less Quiche.
 Yum !

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Pax River and the Solomon Islands

Back on 5 Nov, spent 4 days at Pax River,
 and took some time to check out the Solomon Islands. 

Neat little place.... Just got around to uploading the photos.

Went to a little but very nice Marine Museum.

Was really nice because this time of year, there was no one else around.

Could barely breath but I wanted to check out some things anyway.

The Otters, sea horses and turtle were behind some seriously thick glass. Kind'a surprised the photos came out.

Old St Mary's Maryland ...  

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Thomas Jefferson's Monticello ~

 Went to Monticello a couple of days ago. 

 Really wanted to spend time in the expansive gardens but could not breath well enough to walk.   
I hope, next time we visit I will be doing better.
But it was nice to finally see Thomas Jeffersons Monticello.

The people that worked there were very kind, the grounds were spotless, just an over all nice place to spend time in.

 Beautiful flower gardens around the house and grounds.

 The University Jefferson watched being built.

 Loved the massive trees.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

The Rose that lived~

 Most know the trouble I have had trying to grow 
Roses in this State.
Lost 99% of the normal Rose bushes, except this mini one. Was hit and miss for a very long time.
But I "Think" this one might live. 
Even has pretty little flowers that look like
 Water Lillies when open.

Will keep it in the house.
Took some cuttings yesterday to see if I can grow more.

One of my visits to Janie's house, she gave me some 
cuttings of this plant.
Months later its doing very well and trying to take over.  :O)

Friday, August 25, 2017

Archery ~

 I have been doing Archery for oh, about, 17 years and never once had a photo taken of me.

Until today.
DS was home today, so I put him to work.

Makes me wish I had photos taken 17 years ago.

Also did not realize,
 I have a focused concentration look on my face. LOL...

See my hair every day, buy my goodness, 
I did not think I was this grey!

Older, rounder, gimpy as all get out, 
can't breath well half the time any more 
but I don't let that stop me from 
enjoying a little Archery with my Magyar sport bow.
When the weather is cooler that is.


Was rather surprised to learn that the Eclipse would be at 83% in this area.
Too late to get glasses, so I did the next best thing.

Turned the aperture all the way down on my camera and with the white balance all the way to black, aimed the camera at the sky and captured these.

In the above picture, can see the reflection of the eclipse. Little yellow crescent shape to the left of the sun.

At 2.44 right at sort'a full eclipse, 
the clouds covered everything up. 
All I saw was impressive 
Black rays in the sky and in the clouds.

Of course I had to take a photo of the hummers, too.

Hummers and Plants~

 Going to try, one more time with a normal Rose. 
Between the climate, bugs and diseases in this area of VA,  my green thumb seems to of turned brown.

 No matter where we live, DH loves feeding the Hummers.

Every spring, I buy a cheap hanging flower basket so the house finches can raise 3 batches of offspring safely.

 The cheap $6.00 crepe Myrtles I bought last year.
So far, they are doing well. 
Will see how they handle next winter.

Below is a French Crab Apple tree.
Supposed to be able to survive this climate.... 
only time will tell.

My Mini Indain Fantail pigeons

 Just a few photos of my Mini Indian Fantail offspring.
And their parents.

 So far, she is the nicest my parent pair have produced.

 My Favorite Fantail offspring.
Very early one dark morning, she decided she would 
show me she could land on the garden stake 
instead of the perfectly good perch above it.
She folded her wings in, and just sat there watching me. LOL

 Astra, the mother of all the offspring bringing nesting material back to her eggs.
 Astra and Theo her mate, enjoying a cool morning in the flight cage.
After having a bath.