Saturday, March 23, 2019

Signs of Spring ~

The older Peach tree is just starting to flower.

Pluot tree is blooming for the first time.
Very small flowers but it is nice to see.

Should have more blooms on the other fruit trees soon.

This is the first State I have lived in, were nature is so out of balance, it is hard to get plants to thrive and produce food.

Have been slowly releasing beneficial bugs, so I am hoping that I might get some fruit this year.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Eggs ~

Not breathing well enough today, to take one of the 
cats to the new Vet.
At least I could take a couple of photos of a basket of eggs...
Love the mint green speckled one, dark Marans 
 the Turkey egg.

Rose of course wanted one.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Wish I was on Corlanor~

Wish I was on the Corlanor still, pulse got up to 194 earlier today, just slowly walking to look at the fruit trees.
Maybe 10 minutes all told.

Both insurances decided I do not need to be on it, isn't that nice of them..  :(

Photos are of previous years, right now they are just bare sticks.

Had a bit of help...

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Tiny Buddha Saying ~

Work in progress. 

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Just keep Spinning ~~

 Fairly bad double vision today.. so I am thinking of what I can do, at least for a little bit?

Well, I do not have to see to spin yarn.
Grab some Roving sit down and my left leg fatigues out in fairly short order...
I roll my eyes  at myself and say... silly body.. this is a double treadle wheel... right leg still works, wheel is still spinning... 
(makes me wish that Neurologist that said I don't try hard enough... sees what goes on,
 in real world applications ) 

This was in 2014, before I cut my hair.
Yes, that is Mia on my lap while I was trying to ply yarn.

A couple of examples of the handmade yarn I make. 

The merino roving I am spinning now, as per a
 previous blog post.

Miss my horses a lot, specially Maggie.
But it is allowing me to spin for short periods of time.

My moto- Just keep Spinning. ;O) 

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Vet shopping again ~

Like I needed this..... so I took Nari to the Vet today to get her vaccines.
Also was going to talk to her about Nari's on going stress issues.
The Ulcer med that the Vet gave her did nothing.
 She told me all her blood work was normal.

To hold Nari over until I had the energy and in-between all my Doctor visits.. I gave her 2.5mg amitriptyline, once a day. Same med that the Vet in Oregon gave us for the move over here as Sadie and Nari would stress a lot.

During that short time, Nari gain 2.7lbs, her coat is shinny and she is going well. No longer throws up, normal manure...etc...
Hasn't been that way in a long time, not even with the med the Vet gave her.

As I am sitting there waiting, so I could talk strategies with this Vet in person..... she comes in and says I can't work with someone that is so dishonest.
Ah .... ok.... how am I dishonest when this is the first chance I had to come in to talk to her in person? Was I going to just let Nari suffer? I called and told them her med wasn't working, had no response back.

Then she thumbs through the record and says,, well you used this other such and such... yes, I said because the previous Vet recommend it. (and it is in that Vets records) Have not used it since they have all been put on Vet food by this Vet.

Well, Nari needs this and this... ok, I said. But again, she says she has to trust people and I am dishonest.

How the hell am I dishonest? I will not blindly follow anyone, I want someone that is willing to work with me.

Between all my Doctors visits, my bad health, I am doing the best I can.

Now I have to find another Vet, in the next month. So few deal with cats around here. Sigh ~~

Spinning Merino Roving ~

Back to handpsinning yarn.
Just some thing so 
very peaceful about doing this.

Can only do it about 10 minutes at a time but is something
I am not willing to give up.

This is the first time I have spun Merino fleece.
Fairly soft fleece which I prefer to spin and this time, I decided to get roving that was dyed, instead of the natural colors I tend to prefer.