Thursday, October 18, 2018

Art Desk is Freed ~

My Art Desk became my Med Desk for over a year.

Figured I might want to clean it up before the surgery.

That way, maybe, just maybe, I can work on the paintings that have been sitting around for awhile.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Archery ~

These photos are from last year.

Have not been able to do any Archery over the summer, because of the heat.
Today, was the first day that was cool enough I 
could give it a try.

Was only able to do 7 rounds of 8 arrows.
Not able to do the hours of Archery any more,
but I am happy I can still do it.
Shoot with a 35lb Horse bow, at only 20 yards. 
The bow is easy to pull and does not stack.
(back when, a 55 to 65lb bow was the norm and I shot at 100 yards)

Pulse only got up to 170, NIF was -60, so better than I expected it to be, 
considering  the muscle weakness and fine motor tremors I am having. 
Peak flow is pretty good too at 457 (my digital one tends to read high, Manual one will be about 350) I am lightly wheezing, that part doesn't make sense to me.

My body has never done any thing in a normal way.
Will keep trying any way, who knows, maybe something
 good will happen and I will be able to go back to doing Archery for hours. 

Added-  hour after, NIF dropped to -45,  Peak flow number dropped too.
Ah well...  still going to keep trying.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Pumpkin Pie ~

 Decided to try to make a pumpkin pie yesterday afternoon.
DH found some gluten free pie crusts at Wegmans, only 10mg of salt, was surprised by that.
Normally he would make the pie crusts
Used a combo of Almond milk and thick goat milk kefir. 
Used half the sugar but I think next time, will use 
brown sugar instead of white.
Made a bit of a mess while making it because of the fine motor tremors I sometimes have
 but it was nice to cook again.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Putz goes for a Walk ~

Infant Putz, 
has become bored with her inside cage,
 so when I can,
I like to take her outside so she can explore.

Surprising how fast she can be for such a tiny creature.

Photos taken with my cell phone.

More young Indian Fantail photos~

 You know how everyone takes beautiful side 
photos of their young Fantails....

Well, mine had different ideas. LOL....
Pretty much feathered out now.

Love my Mini Indian Fantails !
Think both will be Ribbon tails.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Mini Indian Fantails growing up ~

The two baby mini fantails are nearly feathered out.
Astra, their mother is in the middle in the photo above and to the right in the photo below.

Color seems to change depending on, wither I take the photo in natural sunlight or camera flash.

They both the offspring are going to be Ribbon tails.

The above photo is more true to the their colors.

Tortoise Garden ~

Few days ago, I finally was able to tame and clean up the Baby Tortoise garden.

Have been trying to grow Dandelions for her to eat but I am not able to keep them alive.
Think it might because they have very long tap roots like baby trees do and my pots are too shallow?
Never knew this weed could be such a challenge to grow inside. 

This morning, I went ahead and added seeds to the empty pots.
Trying the Hawkbit dandelion seeds again, and various other tortoise safe greens.