Sunday, July 10, 2016

Air and Space Museum DC ~

 Yesterday, we went to DC... and now I remember why we don't go up there unless it is a Holiday.  
Found a parking place
on the street right next to the museum we were going to. Normally it cost $22.00 to park, but on the street.. only $4.60!!

Was very interesting, the areas that used to be grass, are now  food gardens for the people that live there. The Pres Wife has done a lot to get food gardens growing all over DC.
Very cool.

Neat to see the Enterprise model.. ....
but folks in the museum were packed in like sardines.
Walked as much as I could, about an hour and then had to quit.

If it wasn't so hot out... would of gone to the stunning Botanical gardens they have.  
Could of used a wheel chair, as there
weren't a lot of people.
Ah well.. next time.

 Original USS Enterprise Model used in the first 
Star Trek TV show.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Baby Turkeys are growing up~

 Baby Turkeys are growing up.....  having a morning outing and loving it.
DS is taking a summer break from college and he makes a great jungle gym. LO

 They blend in very well.

They love sunning themselves too.

Monday, July 4, 2016

New Drive Band for my Spinning Wheel~

It was driving me nuts to have a new drive band and not having it on my wheel.
Thought I would be brave enough to take it part, but I thought back to when I had to originally put it together... was a massive royal pain.

I just couldn't get the first cheap replacement drive band to melt together...
thought it was me, no matter what I did, I could not get it to work.

So I bought a Majacraft band. $$ But worth it.

 Practiced on the old band, with the video using the small candle to heat the band ends and to stick it together... it worked, not perfect but I could do it.
So I am thinking that first replacement drive band, maybe had sat too long?

Anyway, with the new Majacraft band, was quick and easy, let it set for 20 minutes and started spinning.

So now I am happily spinning again!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

DS ~ Saved a couple of Hummingbirds~

I opened the garage doors so the lad could get the empty pallets put into the hay shed and two fighting humming birds zipped in.

One ran into a spider web and got stuck, so the Lad climbed all the way up into the rafters... to save it. Pulled all the webs off it before he let it go.
Very tiny male.

The female is still in there, so I went back into the house, after I set a number of bright red things just outside the garage door, hoping to draw her down and out..
DS crawled back into the rafters, and saved the female too.

This garage is very tall... can fit a super sized motor-home in it.

Did take a photo of the female, also covered in thick spider webs.. we cleaned her off before we let her loose.

She was not at all happy. LOL

Monday, June 6, 2016

Turkey Poults ~

Newest additions to the farm.

They hatched at day 25, which is pretty early. Had them under a Speckled Sussex, I feel bad, but I brought them into the house.
Need to raise them with some chicks.
Two are almost dry, the other two are still wet. More photos to come.

4 Turkey poults,  Bernadette/Cpt Morgan.   Who knows what color they will end up being.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Peony Flower~

My 3 Peony plants, managed to make it through last winter.
One gave me this beautiful flower to enjoy.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Hardy plants ~

 Well, at least most of my Rugosa Roses are doing well. One of the very few rose plants, I haven't managed to kill.
Moved to this State, and my very green thumb, turned brown.
Had DS put the chicken manure/shavings/straw around them all winter.
The Rose hips are a plus as the chickens and horses love them, so they make nice treats.

The very hardy, French Crab Apple tree, is holding its own, even with the damage to the trunk due to Rabbits. 

Added a Black Berry vine along the Hen house yard fence.
 It should be hardy enough to survive here, too. 

First Grape Vine I planted, has survive another winter, surprised but happy to see.

All three Peony plants also made it, and it looks like I might have flowers this year.