Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Baby Birds~

The House Finches nested late this year and laid 5 eggs.
 Has been a few weeks since I could check up on them 
and they are basically feathered out.

Feel seriously guilty that I disturbed them.

And the Look I received.
 Did put this little one back in the nest, the other 4, 
lets just say did not need my help.

New Power Pole ~

Used to be a wooden power pole much shorter than the trees, and we did not see it. 
Two days ago, they put this up......

It is seriously tall..... and ugly. 
Why couldn't they make it look like a tree or something......

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Adjusting Ice Vest ~

Last summer I had to buy an Ice Vest, as I became intolerant to the heat.
Lots of muscle weakness and could not breath.

The Ice Vest helps.

Of course, I could not adjust it small enough so it would fit snugly around my body.
Before I started on the Prednisone, even with my husband threading the needle, and me using the needle nose pliers... I would not of been able to do this.

Was only able to fix the top two straps before the muscle weakness ,the fine motor tremors and wrist and finger joint pain, made it impossible to finish.

But I am happy I was able to do this much.
The bottom two straps will have to wait for another day.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

House and Garden ~

DH wanted to have a kitchen Garden this year.
 So I grew out some starts for him.

I can no longer do anything in the garden but I did plant the starts, which about did me in.
Used to be able to spend hours working on various things, now at most, I can sit and watch.

Rather rustic but pleasing to look at. 
Sunflowers are very cheerful... 
will have to plant more next year.

Rosa Rugosas are about the only Rose I can grow that can handle the extremes in climate here. Growing them as a hedge to help protect the kitchen garden.

Looking through the potatoes to the Hay shed.

 Various angles of the house and Garden.

Bought a few Pullets ~

As you know, I need a certain number of hens to 
keep a tick free area
 around the house and pastures.
Not up to raising chicks out right now, 
like I would normally do.

So a local farm that has good stock, had some pullets for sale.
Should only take a week to get them used to the place and integrated with the main flock.

The red mottled ones are called ,"Calico Princess". 
Never heard of that breed before.
Others are just Dark Brahmas.

 I really want more Marans but that has to wait until
 I can find some.

Stjarna and Her Goats

My Icelandic mare Stjarna, enjoying breakfast with 
her Goats.

April had to come see what I was doing.

Monday, June 11, 2018

To Move or Not to Move ~

DH and I have been debating on wither to find another place that is less work for me, have a place built or see what it would cost to remodel this place.

So far, have not found any single level houses within our budget that would work.

So that leaves having a place built or remodeling this place.
Plan in pricing out both, but, sitting out in the yard yesterday watching my pigeons and goats, I was thinking.
Have spent 6 1/2 years, making a Tick and copperhead Free zone around the house and 2 of the pastures. Also have been using fly predators for years.
Even have a Horse fly trap that works well.
 Still have to work on the mosquitoes and black fly issues.
Compared to most places, we have a fairly bug free safe Zone. (and this area of VA is very, very generous with the bugs.  :P )

Only problem here, is there is a lot of grass and up keep, which is becoming very hard for me to do. 
To many stairs for me to walk up and down, specially on my not so good days.
If I can figure out how to do a "nice" one step up, hardscape around the house so there is less mowing , maybe a front porch to make the house more appealing, lots of other stuff has to be done to this place, so it is easier for me to deal with and so on.

Might make more sense to stay here.

There is a fair buffer from other places, I do not have to listen to dogs barking which seriously sets my Meniere's off.

Need to have land, as long as I have Maggie.

 No matter how much I try to ignore what is going on with me, even with hoping there will be lots of improvement .....  I need to be practical.