Saturday, July 14, 2018

Butterflies ~

There are not as many Butterflies or even Dragonflies this year. Not sure why, other than the weather has been 
rather odd.
Managed to get a photo of one of the few Butterflies that are enjoying some flowers.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Icelandic Horses~

What I am fighting for and what I want to be able to get back to.
Riding Icelandic Horses

Click the above video link if you would like to view it.
The Black horse tolts just like Dyfra did and I seriously miss riding her.

And another Icelandic video below.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Invisible illnesses~

Invisible illnesses video below, I do not have ME.
Someone on one of my support groups, shared it, so I am passing it along, so others do not feel so alone.

The video can relate to anyone with an unusual disease.

 I would never think about taking my own life, I am not wired that way, no matter how bad it gets.
(but my heart goes out to those that think things can not get better or at least stable)

However, what she talks about, is what I am going through right now and I know, many others are too.

Trying to get Doctors to listen and get on a good treatment plan, so I can live my life.

7 years this coming Nov, I moved to Virginia.

A month after I moved here, looking back at old photos, I could see I was having problems with my arms and muscles.
After harnessing Maggie for a cart ride, I barely had any muscle strength in my arms and hands.
You can see them pulled back and resting on my legs. That is not how you would normally hold the reins.
Most likely, unknown to me at the time, this is when MG,

 reared its ugly head.
Breathing issues off and on, and a couple years after that, choking quite often on food and even water.

6 months after I moved to this State, I was cleaning the hen house and the right eye crease dropped over my eye almost totally, right side of my face looked like it melted and looked like the right side of my lips had someone pulling it down hard. I was slurring words, had a lot of muscle weakness, these issues stayed like that for a couple of months.
Still I refused to go in and get seen.

Figured it was just one of those things and having dealt with Doctors in the past and the things that were said to me, no matter how bad I was hurt or how sick I was, I did not want to put myself through again.

I was a very active person, riding my horses, Archery, raising birds, spinning yarn, creating Art, gardening and so on.

Never thought I would stop riding.
 That should be a warning bell rung around the world, Shari stopped riding horses!
One day I went out and rode like usual, muscles were not behaving but I figure I over did it. When I came back and got off, my leg muscles would barely hold me up. I rode 3 more times after that, and the muscle weakness was even worse after each ride.
So I had to stop riding.
I had no idea what was going wrong.

Last summer, my intolerance to heat became so bad, being outside caused a lot of problems.
So instead of giving up, I bought a Ice Vest. Was not perfect, but I could be with my animals, at least for short periods of time.

Same with my left ankle not wanting to hold my weight, so I bound it, until I could buy a pair of military boots to support that ankle.
Did not bother to have it seen too by a Doctor, I knew what most likely would be said.
No matter what life has thrown at me, I try to work around it.

My DH thought I was having a heart attack one day, could not breath, just about passed out,
but even then, I would not go in and get seen.

Last summer,  my breathing became so bad, I could not walk to the car from the house, could not talk.  I had planned on going to the Fine Art Museum, after doing the morning farm chores.
So I gave in and asked for help from Doctors.

Was told I had asthma as per tests, including a very detailed one at the local hospital.
I won't go into most of the ER visits here. However, being told during one of the ER visits, I did not have asthma it was just stress and me trying to get off the meds twice after that because I was all manners of ticked off because they would not listen...
Ended up back on the Asthma meds so I could breath, stubborn I might be, but I am not stupid.

Instead of figuring out what was wrong with my body, they took the easy way out, and just called it stress.
Which was not helpful in any way.

Saw a Cardiologist,  echo showed mild Cardiomyopathy, but another test showed I did not.  Then I was told it was all caused by stress.
Very hard not to Roll your eyes at these people.
They sound like a broken record.
How about saying, I do not know, but something is not quite right, lets figure it out.
Yea, sure,  tell me again how your BP can be 88 over 42, and caused by stress.
Still go tacky, BP ranges very high to very low, and not in a normal way.

I know Doctors make mistakes but they really need to learn from them too and to learn to listen.
They may have the PHD's but I know my body, I know my tolerances and I know when something is very wrong.
Working together is the most prudent way to go.

I want to LIVE my life, not watch it pass by !

Was also told by a couple of Doctors, something else was keeping the Asthma meds from working well, there must be something wrong with my muscles, that were also causing me not to breath well.

So off to more Doctors and more tests.

Knowing, that if what ever was going on with me, was not easy to understand, quick or fast to figure out, they would throw the Stress card at me, or say many untrue or unkind words.
Sadly, some did not disappoint. 

My body has never been willing to give up its secrets easily, tests would be normal, or be just slightly off, even the positive ones, I would be told I look fine, nothing is wrong with me.
Things I think might lead to figuring out what is wrong, is ignored.
To me, that is not good detective work.

If I was perfectly fine, there is no way I would ever see a Doctor, I would not put myself through that, I would never, ever ask for help. Just is not worth it and yes, I keep repeating this.

My good friends, tell me to stop being Stoic, stop always being polite and kind, no matter how bad I feel.  But I have been doing that for so long, I am not sure I could be any other way.

So I ask questions because I want to learn, understand and be part of fixing what ever is going wrong.
Found many Doctors do not like that. 
Either, I am ignored, told I need to learn to live with it, or they don't want to deal with the questions and tell me to find someone else or its stress, depression and so on.

Weird thing is, I am not depressed, not scared in any way and not stressed.  Do I sound like a broken record, yet again?

 Have to tell you, it gets old.
I do have a stern resolve, to find out what is wrong.

But so many Doctors seem to be pre programmed to just say everything is stress. Like the video talks about. This needs to change.
I to, had friends that were ignored, told it was just stress,but I won't go into it farther than this.

No matter what, I still try, I still have animals to care for, I still have a lot to look forward to.
Am struggling, both with my muscle weakness and all the other problems that come with it, joint pain and the breathing problems.

I tried living with all the issues for nearly 6 years on my own, did everything I could but it was not enough.

And learning what disease(s) I have, is not going cause stress, it will bring relief. Have already dealt with these issues for years. Its nothing new to me.

If I know what is wrong, I can learn to work around my health issues, to maximize my ability to do things. Maybe something as simple as showing my Indian Fantail pigeons.

And I still dream of riding my Icelandic horses. 

Maybe some day.

 I was told , in a round about way, I have Myasthenia Gravis, which is causing the other part of my breathing problems.
Though I have had to learn about that issue and what to do, from an a wonderful RN, the MG Support groups and the MG Foundation.
Something I think the Doctors should of told me about.

Oh and I most likely, "might have RA" too, but I do want more clarification on the RA.
2 different positive RA factor tests, 3dBone scan uptake.
Hopefully the next RA Doctor will not be offended when I ask questions.

All this, on top of the Meniere's I have had 39 years so far. So having health issues is not new to me. You learn a lot of things, when you have a disease for 39 years. Adding more health problems... well, is just another thing to try to work with.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Indian Fantails return home~

My Indian Fantails return Home.
Theo and Astra above.

Theo and Astra in the middle,  hen offspring on either side.
Will keep them in until their feet heal.
They have a 32" long outside flight cage for future use.

 Sadly, Theo lost a foot while he was away.
Have his leg in a padded blue wrap.

Think he enjoys being home again.

Same Kite hen, slightly different lighting. She has meds on her feet and she lost a number of lower tail feathers.
Photos do not do her justice.

The photo below, is before this youngster left home. 
Her tail has been cut, so will get a current photo of her 
once she molts out.

Below are a couple of the hens I bought from another breeder, when I missed having my pigeons.
Next 3 photos are of Theo's sister.

One below is super tiny...
Not sure if I am going to raise Mindian fantails again, just depends on how it goes with my health.
But at least I can enjoy being with and watching them again.
Also have a Silver hen but I am going to wait until her tail grows out to take a photo of her..

Who knows, maybe I can get a Doctor to take me seriously one day. Figure out what needs to be done, so I can finally show my birds.

Beautiful Roses ~

Beautiful flowers DH bought me... I love Lavender Roses!

Think the only way I could grow Roses like I did in WA and in Oregon, is have a totally temperature controlled green house.
Maybe some day.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Napoleon Exhibit~

Excuse the round predinsone face...

Yesterday, I went to the Fine Art museum to see the Napoleon exhibit. It has gotten to the point I between the Asthma and MG, I am unable to breath well enough to walk much when out in town, specially in the heat. 
So I can get out and about some times, I use a Wheel chair.

Since learning about the Ice Vest helping the MG, I decided I was going to walk... Managed to walk for an hour, slowly but oh man, I enjoyed it.

By the time I got home my NIF, Peak flow, fev1 numbers were not great but I did walk !!

Styling my ICE Vest. LOL.... rather surprised, no one batted an eye at me wearing it.

The Art was just stunning, seriously, the paintings were beyond impressive.

Went as soon as it opened, the elevator that normally takes people down to that level did not work.
So had to use the other one... and we pretty much had about 3/4's of the gallery all to ourselves! That was a real treat!!

Everyone was very kind, even had a gentleman that worked there walk the tickets up to the front for us.

I used the New to me iphone SE camera, no flash.... rather impressed with its camera.

Impossible to catch the incredible detail in these works 
of Art.

The super fine detail in this painting was breath taking.

Painting above is of George Washington.

Napoleon above and one of the hats he wore below.

The carving was just.... well... no words.

If you are in the Richmond VA area I would highly recommend seeing this exhibit.

Saturday, June 23, 2018


My little misfit discount $1.00 Orchid is doing well
 and setting out a 2nd set of blooms.
Might need to search for a few more.