Sunday, December 9, 2018

Hen House netting and Snow ~

The Progression of the Main Hen house netting. 

From no Snow to more and more snow.

Poor hens have been stuffed in that hen house for a few days, as we have had a Falcon problem. 
At least now, the hens can have their yard. 
Though most will not go out into the snow.
Hence my reason for down sizing a bit, at least until spring.

It is not pretty but it should do.

Can see DH in the back area. Snow just starting.

Netting up, DH stripping out the Hen house.

 Not pretty but the Falcon won't be able to get into the yard.

Wells house... AKA winter pigeon loft.

Took the photo from inside the house. 
Wind is whipping the snow about.

Knock on wood, at least it is not a heavy snow! 

Next Morning photos...

Netting for the hen house yard.... chickens are too chicken to come out.... even with the treats I put near the door. 
Think I need to put more straw down, as they hate to walk on snow. 

And the netting is new, so it might take a bit.

Ended up with 8" total but it is melting already.

Cat Name Tags ~

Bought these Tags on Etsy when I purchased, Nari and Mia the new collars, only now just put them on. 

They are much cheaper than the petco ones and much better quality.

Want them to have these, just in case.

Mia is getting quite the pudgy cheeks... lol...   
We kind'a match.  

The metal is so shinny it was reflecting Mia's fur, 
so I had to take a 2nd photo..

Nari of course, was not helpful... she wanted in my lap and would not pose at all. sigh ~~

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Astra and her Offsprng ~

Took the photos through the netting, just did not have the energy to go into their flight cage. Just standing there
 quietly was a challenge for me.
Loved watching them enjoying their bath today.
Astra, the original and mother to them all. 
Mini Indian Fantails.

Far left is Astra, mother to them all. Middle two are from other batches and the far right and front were this years, so still young.

Front, in now dirty bath water is this years. 
She looks like she will be a Yellow like her mother.
One in back, most likely looking at that stupid Falcon, 
is a previous years pied Hen.

This years offspring in the bath, previous years hen in front.
Took the photos through the netting.

Drying off.

Guess it is good I could not show this year. 
The hen I wanted to show, still doesn't have all her 
tail feathers in.

Friday, November 30, 2018

In Harmony ~


I almost sat on Stjarna the other morning, 
no helmet, no vest, no saddle or bridle....  

I was soooo tempted.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Putz Moving Day ~

Finally moved Putz into the living room, 
so she can see us more.
DH did most of the work....
Still need to tidy the cords up.

Was thinking of hanging a Boston Fern in the corner to 
give it a more of a Forest jungle feel.

Going to have to swap where the Holiday Tree and 
Cat tower are, next..... for obvious reasons.

(The Print you see on the wall is one of my Cottage paintings)

Friday, November 23, 2018

New Collars for Nari and Mia ~

Bought Nari a pretty Sunflower collar.

Bought Mia a pretty handmade ribbon one, 
from the UK.
I bought both off Etsy and are break away collars.

The Tree and Kindle fire ~

Had a little energy the other night, with the cats happily trying to help.
Managed to put some of the ornaments up, many are handmade or gifts from friends and family.
Still a ways to go.

Also miss having a real fireplace.
What you see in the background is one of those
indoor vented propane ones.
Had it checked over but I can not breath at all when it is on and afraid it will hurt the cats so we do not use it.

So I thought to myself... wonder if Kindle has a Fire place App.  LOL... yes they do, sounds pretty good too.