Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Mindian Fantail babys~

Interesting that they seem to change colors 
depending on the light. 
One in my hand is in natural light from the window, the other two photos are with my flash. 
Shed floor is darker than it looks in the pictures.
They are Mini Indian Fantails.

The one on the right side of the photo, is the one I am 
holding in the photo above.

They look to be the same color with natural light.
Normally my original pair, throws different color offspring each time.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

NIF Meter and Totally Annoyed ~

 NIF meter was -60 when I got up this morning, 
pretty good for my numbers.

Went outside without my Ice Vest on, just to band the two baby pigeons.
Got back into the house and it was at -45 .
 For goodness sakes, I did not do much.  
😖🤐 Stupid body.

(Theo is the father, taking good care of his two offspring)

Really wanted to show some of my Fantails Nov 3rd, but if I can't get help from the Doctors, it is not going to happen again this year. sigh ~~

I have a very good Asthma Doc that has helped tremendously for that issue.
Guess I expected to much when I asked the other Doctors
 for help, 
for the other health problems like MG, etc. Has been over a year now and no closer to getting those health issues 
under-control, than when I started.

Am at a point, where I just need to resign myself to dealing with what is going on, on my own.  Asking for help and to be taken seriously, has gotten me no where.
Other than Annoyed and frustrated.

At least I can still enjoy my pigeons and other animals at home on my good days.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Goats ~

 Daisy above, Dam to April.

Blossom jumping onto the water tank.They have a lot of fun shoving each other off it.

April ,  she had to try to play with the cane after Blossom did.

April is a sweet heart, no where near as rowdy as Blossom is.
April jumping off the water tank.... ok shoved off by Blossom...

Blossom playing with my cane.

Blossom became tired of trying to figure out what to do with the cane, so she tossed it to the ground. LOL

April jumping onto another water tank and scaring one of the chickens at the same time.

Theo and his squabs ~

Was worried since Theo lost his foot while he was gone, that he would not be able to have offspring.
So I let Astra sit on some eggs, so I would know 
one way or another.
Both hatched.

This is the only set of babies I will let them have, since we are heading into winter. 

Friday, September 7, 2018

Hand-spinning in Oregon ~

Back in Oregon, when I still had long hair, I enjoyed handspinning yarn on my small front porch. There is something very peaceful about this hobby.

Some of the yarn I was working on at the time.

My Mother knitted my yarn into a beautiful scarf! 
(The pillow is one of my watercolor paintings)

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Bouncing Teenage Kids~

Looked out the kitchen window and what do I see.
Blossom, bouncing up and down on Stjarna's back.
Was trying to take a shot of her catching air but my timing was not good enough. LOL

Stjarna was being super careful and walking veryyyy slow.

Stjarna did not like the male goats, but the female Kids,,, 
she lets them do anything.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Snacks ~

The perfect snack.
Petit Basque sheep cheese, grapes and  a pear 
from my little Orchard.
On my favorite china. 
Blanket has one of my paintings on it.