Thursday, September 4, 2008

A nice ride out on the Farm~

Had a good ride on Dyfra today... took Ella with us... Ella her bright sheet and bell on, as Hubby saw the poachers about at 6am this morning. Rather late for poachers.
Got to prune some branches back while still on Dyfra. First time in a veryyyy long time I did that. Nice to have part of my path...well.. I know where the path was... clear.
Dyfra was a champ.. dropped some 1 to 2" limbs on her head and neck... not on purpose...she could care less.
Had to grab ahold of a very long and very thick blackberry vine... had her back up a good 50' to get it pulled out of the tree limbs. She is such a good work horse.
Ella for the most part stayed in sight of us. Normally running to catch up with us..with her bell jingling away. Both people and other animals would have to be totally deaf not to hear us coming.
Rode in the new military pants I bought... little big but will fit perfect when I start wearing double clothes in winter. Much better than sweat pants for riding in the brush. Normally the thorn bushes snag my legs.. and they didn't get me at all in these pants.Was thinking about getting some English riding pants... but I decided since I don't get to ride out with others.. military work pants make more sense.
The above picture is from a couple of years ago. Should of took the small camera out today with me but didn't think about it until I got back in. Maybe next time I will have DS take some photos of us working.